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"Our restaurant is named after Lal Qila, one of the most beautiful monuments in India. Lal Qila is situated in Dehli in an area known as ‘chandni chowk’ or ‘red fort’, as it is more commonly known. It is a superb example of the art and architecture of the Mughal era. The art loving Mughal Emperor Shahjahan established the fort in 1638 and the established with a standard of mughal art that is only rivalled by sites such as, Taj Mahal and Shahi Quila.

Just like the dedication and attention to detail it took to construct the beautiful monument, Lal Qila, here in Ireland we recreate this same dedication and attention to detail in all the dishes we create. Our dishes are inspired by the wonderful flavours of the Punjab, Northern India and Pakistan.

We are committed to creating delicious dishes that demonstrate all of the flavours and spices of Indian and Pakistan. We commit to teaming our wonderful dishes with friendly, professional service to bring you a superb dining experience."

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